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Returns And Refunds

Application for Returns/Refunds

Buyer is eligible to withdraw their purchase and/or receive a refund within the Guarantee Period specified in the Terms of Service, provided they adhere to all terms, conditions, and policies outlined therein. Guarantee is a service provided by, dedicated to helping its Users manage disputes that may arise during their transactions. When needed, users can talk privately with each other and find solutions together or seek help from local authorities before, during and after using this guarantee system.

  • Application for the Return of an Item
  • Rights of Preferred Sellers
  • Rights of Ordinary Sellers

The buyer is only eligible for a refund and/or return of the Item in these situations:

The buyer has yet to receive the item.

The item was found to be sub-standard and/or damaged upon delivery, .

The Seller has sent an item to the Buyer that does not align with the stipulations they both previously agreed upon (e.g. incorrect size, colour, etc.).

If the buyer has a change of heart about an item, then will assess whether or not it is eligible for reimbursement and/or return. Eligibility information can be located on the platform listing under "Change of Mind RR" - this decision remains solely in's discretion.

The product delivered to the Buyer varies drastically from what was advertised by the Seller, rendering it unusable for its intended purpose.; or

Through a private agreement with the Seller, requires that they submit their confirmation of such an arrangement.

To apply for a refund, buyers must submit their request through the mobile app.

For a seamless experience when filing for returns or refunds, suggests that customers agree to provide proof of delivery from the company's third-party logistics partners. This would facilitate quick resolution on return/refund applications and ensure customer satisfaction.

Please bear in mind that, if requested by, Buyer must deliver the Item to a location allocated by within ten (10) days of when the return request is initiated.

Upon review of your refund and return request, reserves the right to make its final decision. Buyer agrees that such determination is binding and acknowledges they will not dispute or challenge it in any form. All claims against or associated affiliates are hereby waived.

Should the Buyer initiate legal action against Seller, they must inform and present proof of said legal action so that the purchase monies can be held until an official decision is made. Ultimately it falls to's sole discretion whether or not it will retain those funds.

As a Mall Seller, the operational procedures listed in paragraphs 2 to 6 of Section 3 (Rights of Preferred Sellers) should be abided by for any Change of Mind RR. When reading those guidelines, please take into account that references made to "Preferred Seller" will mean you.), and (ii) the operational procedures set out in the Mall Terms of Service relating to refunds and returns shall not apply to such Change of Mind RR (but this shall not affect the remaining provisions in such Mall Terms of Service, or the provisions of any other Policy relating to Mall Sellers, which shall continue to apply).

If you have been chosen as a Preferred Seller by, you should have received an individual notification outlining your inclusion in this program. Should you choose not to continue being part of the Preferred Seller Program at any point, kindly notify us via written notice.; If you choose not to opt out of the Preferred Seller Program, it is assumed that you consent to these terms and conditions outlined in this Refunds and Return Policy. Additionally, reserves the right at any time to suspend or remove a Preferred Seller from its program without prior notice.

Once has authorized a refund or return in accordance with Section 2, it is binding on the Preferred Seller to abide by that decision and take all necessary steps to ensure its implementation. All Preferred Sellers agree to honor any Buyer request for a refund or return that has been approved by

Upon's approval of any refund or return request, the Preferred Seller will be notified via email (the “Email Notification”). In order to complete the refund and return process, will arrange for delivery of the returned Item to a Local Address provided by the relevant Preferred Seller in writing. The address must correspond with that which was listed on their Site when initially selling it within said country.. reserves the right to dispose of any item returned by Preferred Seller if they fail to provide a Local Address for return or accept delivery within a reasonable period of time. To avoid forfeiting their rights, Preferred Seller must contact via email within seven days from receiving notification - referred as "Notification Period".If Preferred Seller fails to notify within the Notification Period, it will be considered binding evidence that the delivery of the Item has been accepted. Furthermore, Preferred Seller agrees not to raise any disputes or make any claims in regards to such an item.

While all other terms are still in effect, reserves the right to deduce at its own discretion that an item approved for return or refund shall not be returned to the Preferred Seller. In this case, it is understood that the Preferred Seller has denied their rights towards such item.

Should any refund or return be rejected by and the item has been received, we will make sure to have it delivered back to the buyer's address as outlined in Section 2.

Should accept any refund or return request, Preferred Seller may challenge this decision by reaching out to and submitting evidence to defend the appeal. When concurs with the appeal and issues a ruling in favor of Preferred Seller, then all or part of the purchase monies will be paid accordingly. As such, it is imperative that Preferred Seller acknowledges that this outcome is ultimate; no legal action can be taken against or its affiliates concerning this judgment.

For the purpose of this Refund and Return Policy, Ordinary Sellers are Sellers that are not Mall Sellers or Preferred Sellers. 


Upon receiving a request for return or refund from Buyer, will promptly alert Seller of the application with written notification. From there, Seller must follow's step-by-step instructions provided in order to respond within the timeline indicated (the "Stipulated Period").If doesn't hear from the Seller within the set period, they will presume that there is no reply to the Buyer's application and move forward in assessing it. To ensure fairness towards each Seller, every response will be evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis by With their sole discretion, they can ascertain if a successful outcome of Buyer’s application against any circumstance stated by Seller is plausible or not.

Communication Between Buyer and Seller encourages Users to communicate with each other if any problems arise during a transaction. As it is an online platform for trading, the Buyer should reach out to the Seller directly about any issues related to their purchased Item. Guarantee is a service provided by, dedicated to helping its Users manage disputes that may arise during their transactions. When needed, users can talk privately with each other and find solutions together or seek help from local authorities before, during and after using this guarantee system.

  • Condition of Returning Item
  • Liability of Product Forward Shipping Fee and Return Shipping Fee
  • Refunds

To ensure a smooth and worry-free return of the item, include all complimentary items, such as accessories, included in the original delivery. We recommend snapping a photo upon receipt to show evidence of its condition when it arrives at your doorstep.

  1. i)   In the event of an unforeseen seller mishap, such as a damaged, faulty or wrong product delivered to the buyer, the seller will pay for both forward and return shipping fees.

  1. ii)  Before requesting a return due to a buyer’s change of mind, the buyer must first receive the seller's consent. Additionally, the buyer will be responsible for covering any associated shipping fees.

iii)  If a seller and buyer disagree over who should cover the costs of forward shipping and return fees, will make an authoritative decision on the matter. And it is in their sole discretion to determine who bears these expenses.

To be clear, if the seller is accountable for any of the buyer's forward and return shipping fees in these situations, then they are also liable for the buyer’s forward shipping fee even when a Free Shipping Voucher was used to deliver the item.

  1. Once has attained confirmation from Seller that they have received the returned item, the Buyer will be refunded. In cases where Seller gives no communication within the specified time frame, reserves the right to issue a full refund to Buyer without further notice. For more details on how soon you must respond as a Seller, please click this link here. The reimbursement shall take place through either your credit/debit card or designated bank account, depending on what is applicable in each situation.
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